Elna Sewing Machines: Advances Impact Quilters

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In a prior post, we discussed some great options for storing your quilts.  If you are an advanced quilter, and love to quilt bargello patterns or Amish quilts patterns, we have some news for you: the Elna sewing machines have been upgraded!

According to a MarketWatch report his week, the Swiss precision design has been enhanced  for not only sewing but also quilting – adding larger workspaces.   What does this mean for your Amish quilts patterns?  It means you can now put together an entire large quilt without dealing with rolls in fabric and batting!  Yea!

New Quilting Technology

Quilting technology has been advanced with this new product, offered by Swiss designers.

If you are looking for a great gift for someone that quilts, or if you are looking for an upgrade on your own quilting machine, this is a great new step in the technology of sewing and quilting.  With this machine now able to quilt 1,000 stitches per minute, you’ll have all of your custom Amish quilts done in no time at all.

Not all sewing and quilting supply stores will offer the Elna 760 sewing machine so if you are interested in purchasing one, be sure to contact the Elna dealer in your area, or visit their website at Elnausa.com.  If you purchase the Elna sewing machine, be sure to leave us a comment below as we’d love to hear about your experience in this new advanced quilting and sewing technology.

Happy quilting!


Quilt Storage for Amish Quilts Patterns

In our prior post, regarding the use of longarm quilting machines for amish quilt patterns, we addressed the need for good storage for your unfinished quilt tops.

Your Amish Quilts Patternsquilts are an heirloom to be treasured.  I came across a gentleman a few days ago who collects “old quilts”.  As I didn’t see any quilts in the room I ask him how he stores his quilts.  It didn’t surprise me that he said he stores them “in a plastic bag” in a trunk .  I am sure there are many who cherish old quilts but don’t seem to know that they are not storing quilts to preserve their life.

It is important to keep the quilt out of direct light. Sunlight can fade the fabrics and cause them to age a little faster.  Plastic should be avoided.  Moisture and collect in plastic and will cause damage as well.  If quilt is to be folded it should have acid free paper rolled and place in the folds. and then wrap the quilt in a sheet.  Doing this can extend the life of your Amish Quilts Patterns quilt. An enclosed quilt rack is wonderful for storing your quilts so they can be displayed to family and friends.

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